Saga Energy is a Norwegian technology company with expertise in the field of renewable energy and electric mobility. The Saga Energy Corps of Engineers cooperate with some of the best suppliers of technology and services internationally, supplying Norwegian farms, industries, public buildings and consumers with solar power systems.


There is a powerful movement in the oil & gas industry to become more environmentally sustainable, and establishing a bridge to a 100% renewable energy future. This movement is driven by responsible management and engineers with a vision to develop smart solutions for a better future for mankind and nature. We are located in the centre of oil, gas, wind, bioenergy and hydropower in The Kingdom of Norway.
Technology for solar energy harvesting, energy storage and hybrid solutions is our contribution and basic foundation for our Middle East operations.

With a global viewpoint, we will actively involve ourselves in activities that cover social responsibility and comply with laws and regulations in countries and regions we operate in. 


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Corporate Philosophy and Corporate Values

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